Meal Services

We are passionate about crafting nourishing and innovative comfort foods that prioritize your well-being. At our core, we emphasize the use of seasonal, locally sourced, and whole ingredients that serve as fuel for both body and mind.

We take pride in our cooking expertise and our ability to infuse creativity into every dish we prepare. Our ultimate goal is to provide your body with the nourishment it needs to thrive, setting us apart from the rest!

We do not use butter, but on occasion, we do use ghee. We offer many gluten-free options each week.

Glass dishes filled with fish, rice, sauce and green beans. Each item is in a separate container. The photo is from an overhead view with a white background.

All meal services require a 72-hour advance notice. Orders should be submitted by email:

We understand that life can be hectic and meal planning can be overwhelming. We offer a variety of meal services to help you get delicious, high-quality meals on the table with ease.

Let us take the stress out of mealtime.

How It Works

  • Menus are posted for the following week on Tuesday mornings.*
  • Orders are due Thursday for delivery on the following Tuesday.*
  • Menus are sent to email subscribers and paper copies come with Tuesday deliveries.
  • No subscription necessary!
  • Payment is due at checkout.

*Holiday weekends are subject to change.

These meals are individually packed and ready to eat!

We offer a rotating weekly menu with options like:

  • Power bowl (with grains)
  • Power bowl (Paleo)
  • Breakfast
  • Pasta or noodles
  • Seasonal soup
  • Seasonal Entreé

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Individually packaged and pre-prepared meals


Tuesdays & Fridays


Upon request

Dietary restrictions?

No problem. Just let us know!

Individually packaged and pre-prepared meals

Life moves fast. We know that the idea of cooking can be daunting as your day comes to a close. Let us do the work so you can slow down and enjoy a meal with your loved ones. Pick up a prepared and ready-to eat meal for up to 6 people on your way home.

Family feasts include protein, vegetables, starch/grain, sauce and garnishes.


  • Breakfast, Soup, Salad, Vegetarian $90+
  • Individual Portion $15+
  • Poultry, Pork, Pizza $100+

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Prep free

Mess free

Stress free

We also offer an a là carte menu of sauces, breads, pickles and other meal enhancers.

Subscribe to our emails to get a menu straight to your inbox on Sunday mornings!

A woman in a kitchen, leaning on a table to write a list

Fresh Sauces

Sourdough Bread


Pickles & Ferments

Individually packaged and pre-prepared meals

Want to gift a meal to someone with a lot on their plate? Choose one of our feasts, a meal kit or inquire about a custom meal!

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Fresh or frozen


Upon request

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